5 Most Successful Drone Manufacturing Companies

Remember how in childhood, many of us loved to fly a kite into the sky? A lot of time has passed, technologies do not stand still, and now a quadcopter can already be launched into the sky. Not only is it capable of climbing to unrealistic heights, but it is also equipped with a camera for shooting ultra-high-definition videos! Check five of the most successful drone manufacturing companies in the article below.

Production and the Main Segments of Drone Manufacturing

In the last decade, drones have firmly become part of the weapons of most armies in the world. At the moment, the army of air combat robots is not only being strengthened but also constantly being upgraded. Currently, China produces more than 80% of the world’s civilian drones, with most of them produced by one company – DJI. Implementation of drone technologies in marketing activities allows enterprises to increase conversion, the number of visitors to the website, increase the image of both the enterprise itself and its products, and increase sales. This is facilitated by animated or video clips, sharing photos (images), and using social networks and bloggers.

There are different segments in the drone market with different sets of requirements from buyers. Segments include the following:

  • Toy drones or quadcopters for beginners.
  • Quadcopters for different types of filming.

The main task of manufacturing drones today is data collection in the broadest sense of the word. The data, in the simplest case, are ordinary photographs taken from angles inaccessible from the ground, photographs with exact coordinates for geographical reference or calculations, pictures taken by a thermal imager to obtain a temperature distribution map, as well as point clouds with plan and elevation coordinates for building digital models terrain or objects.

Which Are Five of the Most Successful Drone Manufacturing Companies?

While it’s impossible to keep track of every drone company in such a fast-moving industry, we’ve done our best to highlight the biggest players and give you an idea of who’s doing what in the drone industry. Take a look at the best drone manufacturing companies in the list below:

  1. Altair Aerial.

Altair Aerial is a company specializing in the production of radio-controlled toys. It is based in Lincoln, USA, and is best known for its budget quadcopters.

  1. Cheerson Hobby.

Cheerson Hobby is a small company, among the advantages of which is digital marketing, that is, the active involvement of consumers in active interaction with the company’s brand.

  1. DJI Technology.

DJI Technology ranks first in the ranking of companies that have received the largest number of patents for photo technology and optical systems for their drones. The cameras of this company are intended for photography; they can be used for commercial or industrial purposes. Cameras installed on drones provide high-quality images with high resolution.

  1. Autel Robotics.

The drones of this manufacturer are the most common in our country, and this is not a coincidence at all but a statement of the fact that the company is constantly developing and improving its products. In particular, it was Autel Robotics that managed to release small-budget drones that, despite their small size, are easy to control and allow you to shoot videos in very high quality.

  1. PowerVision.

The company has developed not only a quadcopter unique in functionality and design but is also a pioneer in the development of unique underwater and guided drones, as well as an industrial quadcopter equipped with a thermal camera and monitoring sensors.

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